8th Edition: My first thoughts… Late!

Life threw a few giant curveballs my way, and we got a new edition of 40K in that time as well. But I’ve actually had the chance to get a few games in, including playing in a very small tournament that was kind of no fun at all. More on that later.

While we’ve just gotten our fifth Codex with Ad Mech, it still feels a little too early to know how this edition overall will be. But since we’re going to have codices (codicii? codexes?) and Chapter Approved by Xmas we should have a good idea how the rest of the releases and the game itself will turn out. I hope that with the annual release of Chapter Approved we’ll see the most level edition of 40K ever.

8th Edition has been out for a few months now, but I know my initial reaction on seeing dumb things like ‘conga lines’ was… Gives us tank shock back! Conga lines by no means are realistic, nor do they look cool. (Not that I expect 40K to be an entirely realistic game, but the visual of units stretched out from an objective to some sort of ‘buffer’ is silly. It is a shame that there’s no way other than straight firepower to wipe them out. I actually like vehicles being able to do something in the fight phase as well, but man… I’d like something to help deal with conga lines.

I’m also realizing that I’m definitely more of a ‘fluff’ or narrative player than a competetive one. It probably doesn’t help that none of the armies I play are very competetive.

It is tempting… So tempting to try and do some Death Guard due to having them in the Dark Imperium boxed and having Mortarion and an entirely different playstyle than anything I have… Tempting.

Although my favorite Chaos God is Tzeentch, I’m just not that into Thousand Sons. I could always wait though and go Emperor’s Children, they’d be pretty fun. But that’s all future speculation!

For now I need to deal with my existing armies…

1) Dark Angels – I have a lot of Dark Angels.
2) Eldar – Since their codex is up soon I’ll probably work on getting them playable.
3) Tau
4) Imperial Guard
5) Necrons
6) Dark Imperium/Dark Vengeance Chaos

Updates on all those and my WiP next…

Finally, it has begun.

I’m finally ready to begin my Warhammer 40,000 blog project.  And what’s it about?

To be honest, at this moment it is mostly for myself.  It’d be cool if other folks find something interesting in it, or some things to take away from it.  But if not, that’s alright too.

What I intend for it to be at this point in time is a log of my experience in the hobby, some photography of my models ( And those of others ), my thoughts on army building, and battle reports.

I apologize for the current sloppiness of the photos on the site so far, but I was taking a few quickly just to get some up to help me mock out the site.  This weekend I’ll be breaking out my studio lights and setting up some better photographs of things when I get some time.

On the topic of battle reports I’ve got a few ideas on how to present something that’s a little different from what others do, but first I’ve got to get a few more battles under my belt this year and ensure that I notate them.  Although as I work up to that I do plan to give some simple ones based on the Kill Team games that we’ve played lately.

There are a couple of other ideas which I’ve not seen on other sites, and I plan to offer a lot of advice for newer folks once the imminent 8th edition hits and a lot of us are in the position of learning again.

Oh, and Dark Angels.  Lots and lots of Dark Angels.