Kill Team Thoughts – 2


So two nights after the event at Card Kingdom my Kill Team saw action once again.  My friend Rob picked me up and we headed to Matt’s to play a game.  Rob borrowed my Kill Team while Matt took his Necrons.

This is when I realized my flamer was illegal, and we added another Tactical Marine quickly to the squad.   And now I wonder… Was that legal?  A seven man squad with a Razorback?

Matt took three Tomb Blades, and the rest of his points were just a blob of Necron warriors.  The setup was on a 3 foot by 6 foot table (Instead of a 4 by 4) and we went long edge to long edge.  We rolled the mission with 6 objectives, and on a roll of six you find the real objective ( Worth 3 VPs ) and the others go away, otherwise it is the last one revealed.

Rob deployed his Razorback on his right, and one tactical marine in the cover of a building on his left.  Matt deployed his Necron Warrior blob against the Razorback and the three Tomb Blades against the lone tactical marine on the second floor of a three story building.

In the beginning Matt swept down the board aggressively identifying four objectives in the first two turns and the Tomb Blades finding the actual objective on their side.  Eventually Rob’s lone tactical on that side was blown away whilst the blob and the Razorback traded shots, the Missile Launcher and and the +1 Ballistic Skill fired on the blob slowly which slowly took  casualties and gave up First Blood!

At one point Rob disembarked all of his marines from the Razorback, until six warriors shot at and hit his sergeant!  Fortunately for the Dark Angels The Emperor Protects, and his armor withstood all the fire from their Gauss weaponry. Realizing he should have had him disembark on the other side of the rhino and not allow a potential

Although believing his position was weak, Rob finally ran the rhino back and swung around to the side with the Tomb Blades and they began to trade fire. ( Rob always thinks his position is weak, even when he’s crushing you.  I blame the cigarette smoking. )

As the clock ticked down to turn five, Rob moved up to the Tomb Blades and disembarked all of his marines, killed one of the two remaining Tomb Blades with the firepower from the Razorback and Missile Launcher and the rest of his marines charged the Tomb Blade with the final marine locking it into close combat and keeping it away from the objective allowing Rob to claim the objective for what turned out to be the final turn.

So while I’ve not played or observed too many Kill Team games yet, Space Marine armor with a 3+ save and cheap vehicles seem rather strong in small games as they can dish out firepower and stand up well against more numerous forces.  And depending on the scenario you’re playing it can be easy to refuse a flank against a more numerous foe and ensure that greater numbers can’t beat you if you can take them on piecemeal.

Matt intends to play 9 Tomb Blades or so in the next Kill Team fight, but I’m not sure that going all in like that with one unit would be sufficient. On the other hand, I’m not real familiar with Necrons and how they play  aside from the horror stories of their Decurion.

I’ve got a small force of Necrons I bought quite some time ago that are half painted.  I intend to try and paint up a Kill Team’s worth and see if I can come up with something useful.

We shall see.



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